Physical Examination_photoPhysical examination is provided to our patients by physicians, residents, and medical students who volunteer their time at Manos Juntas Clinic. The physical examination consists of routine check-ups and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Our physicians also treat arthritis, urinary infections, and heart diseases among others. The Manos Juntas Clinic welcome all who present in need of healthcare service.



Laboratory Testing_photoThanks to the Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma (DLO) we are able to provide laboratory testing to our patients. Since 2006, DLO has been donating their services to our Manos Juntas Clinic. This contribution has been of incredible help and one of our most important inputs. It allows us to have better control of chronic illnesses. It has enabled us to monitor efficiently the status of diabetic and lipid management. With the lab test reports we have been able to prescribe medications that must be monitored for side effects.



The Manos Juntas Pharmacy is stocked with generic medications needed for chronic disease management. The medicines are purchased wholesale and provided in adequate quantity. Pharmacists and pharmacy students distribute the medicines to our patients and maintain adequate inventory on just-in-time basis. We have an electronic medical record that serves as a prescription and inventory ordering tool.



Specialty Referrals_photo

The Manos Juntas Clinic aims to provide high quality healthcare free of charge to needed individuals, but our resources are very limited. However, our clinic works in collaboration with other free clinics and medicine schools in the region for specialty referrals when needed. Depending on the diagnosis and proven limited resources of our patients, we try to make arrangements with specialized physicians.



Have you or any of your loved ones been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus? Or, are you in high risk to become diabetic because of poor metabolism? Would you like to learn about this chronic disease to manage the challenges of living with diabetes and to prevent further complications?

If your answers are YES, you are more than welcome to join hands with us to participate in the Diabetes Education and Management Program. This program is dedicated to all our uninsured diabetic patients or those in high risk to become diabetic. The program will provide hands-on education via both individual counseling and group classes. We will have interactive educational sessions of multi-ethnic cooking classes, supermarket tours, and excersise.

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