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Manos Juntas joins hands in an effort to make medical care accessible to those in need in remote and rural communities of Nicaragua. With the Medical and Construction Mission Trips, we join hands and partner with impoverished communities to set up and/or rebuild temporary and/or permanent medical clinics.




1st Mission Trip_photo

Medical mission trips to Nicaragua started in 1994 with Community of Hope Church with about 18 brigadistas. Later on the same year we had a mission trip with St. Mark Methodist Church. They were both medical mission trips for setting up for treatment in several locations in Nicaragua. During the summer of 1995, Manos Juntas organized its own medical mission trip in coordination with FUNDECI from Nicaragua.


Since then, Manos Juntas has been organizing medical and construction mission trips once or twice a year. The approach of the Manos Juntas mission trips is to serve the poor and disadvantaged by providing medical assistance in those communities that have little or no access to medical care. We work to support rural poor communities of Nicaragua by building medical clinics and/ or by providing medical assistance through a mobile clinic.

Nicaragua’s medical needs provide doorways of opportunity for medical professionals including primary care doctors, pediatricians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and support people to come to help and learn in other activities as needed. Anyone with an interest in reaching a hand to those in need, disadvantaged, disabled, and marginalized are welcome.

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